Eroma Candle Making Kit
Eroma Candle Making Kit
Eroma Candle Making Kit

Eroma Candle Making Kit

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One of the most exciting things for everyone to want to do is create something for themselves. So, we're introducing a CANDLE MAKING KIT to help relieve your lockdown boredom, or give you something you can be pleased about.

Make your own candles from scratch and find a love for the passion of Candle making.


What our kit contains: 

  • 6x Wick Stickums (15mm)
  • 6x HTP 83 - 150mm Long Tab Wicks
  • 6x Medium Oxford Candle Glasses in transparent White (Different to our regular candle jars)
  • 3x 300g premium, Australian made candle wax (Summit wax - Denali)
  • 3x 30ml premium candle fragrance oils 
      • Lotus Flower
      • Tropical Coconut
      • Champagne and Strawberries
    • Please note, these scents may change without notice, however, if we believe there will be a huge difference in scents, we will inform you prior to shipment
  • 2x Wick holders
  • 2x Wooden Pegs (Used to hold wicks in place while pouring hot wax)
  • 1x Bamboo stick
  • 1x Mercury Thermometer
  • 1x Wax pouring Jug (1 litre)
  • 6x Round Warning Labels (A legal requirement to be attached to candles once made)

Please note, this kit is for BEGINNERS to candle making. Each kit contains enough ingredients and equipment to make your first candles. Some additional equipment is required, however, which are:

  • 2x Saucepans (Needed for a "double boil" method)
  • A portable electric stove (If you do not wish to use your house hold stove)
  • Kitchen scales (Only needed if you are going to continue to be a Candle wizard and need to weight out your scents)
  • Paper towel (For cleaning up any spills or messes created)