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Who we are

Welcome to Lilac & Co,


We are a brand dedicated to tantalising your senses, and sparking joy through your memories. You know that holiday you took, and never wanted to return home from? That's what we are encompassing our brand around! We are a brand committed to luxury, hand-poured candles without the price tag.


We want our brand to transform your house into a home.

We want to invoke your memories through your senses, to create peaceful, and harmonious tensions - delicately pressing on those warm kept memories that you recall to be happy.


We are also committed to being 100% cruelty free and vegan, caring for our earth as we care for each and everyone of our customers. 

So, put your feet up, open a good book, and relax knowing we're here to look after, and guide you through.



The Lilac & Co team.

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