Turning your house, into living luxury

How to turn your house into a home, and into a living luxury:


We are all about living up those extra luxuries in life. So, here at Lilac & Co, we're happy to share our favourite tips with you!

Grab yourself a nice tea (or coffee), a notebook and pen, and lets get to it.



Tip 1: Start with the basics

Make sure you have your space nice and clean. Dusted and vacuumed at least once a week, twice if you have the time. Mop those floors, and wash those dishes. We believe that your space is all about feeling comfortable, cozy and down right sexy. Clean your space of any 'negative' connotations, so get those chores done, regularly. You'll also find you'll have a clear mind!


Tip 2: Indulge

We know you've got that block of chocolate in the pantry. We can see it from here! Get it out, break it into pieces, and indulge. Put your favourite rom-com or chick flick on, or, go and have that bubble bath you've been thinking of all week. Pour yourself a glass of wine, even if it is only 10am in the morning (Drink responsibly). The more you indulge, the more comfortable you'll feel, but don't over indulge, you don't want the negative low to appear afterwards.




Tip 3: Light your favourite candle

That's right, light your favourite candle, allow your senses to be invigorated, and dream back to your favourite memories. Do this while you're in the bath, while you're watching your favourite rom-com or chick flick. Do this while you're working from home. Allow yourself to relax, and drift off. Dream of that vacation, or that weekend escape, you deserve it!

If you need a new scent, why not try one of these ones 


If you have any other ways your think can help turn your house into a living luxury, let us know. We're all ears.


With love,

The Lilac & Co team

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