How to live in the present

Mindfulness has grown over the last few years quite significantly due to the many distractions that lay in front of us, day-to-day. With the world being thrown into a pit fire of a year that was 2020, and a global pandemic thrown in with it, mindfulness and living in the present has grown exponentially. People are wanting to become happier and more self-sufficient in their own mental health.


Books like "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***" by Mark Manson (linked here) and "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle (linked here) have grown in popularity over the years, with "The Power of Now" even being endorsed by Oprah Winfrey after it was first released in the 90's. These books becoming more popular over the last few years is no surprise when each book challenges the status quo of the individual, with both books also offering deep, personal reflections to answer from each individual. There are a number of resources around the internet that can help you become more mindful and at peace in the present, so we're going to help you out with a summary of what we have found.


The biggest and most important factor to consider is that results may vary from human-to-human as we, as humans, are designed with a thinking brain that ultimately draws on pain, worry and fear, creating a sense of change in our minds. 




The most helpful advice we have found during our research, is that eliminating non-essentials out of your life are a huge factor in living in the present, and creating a sense of mindfulness in your day-to-day. This sort of delves into a realm of minimalism, clearing your physical space to make room in your mental & spiritual space. By removing items that hold on to the past or look towards the future allows your brain to clear out those aspects you're holding on to, to ultimately become more aware of your surroundings and become more at peace in the now.


While ridding your space of your most treasured and loved items may not be for you, This next one may almost suit everybody. And that is to SMILE. 

The benefits of smiling include:

  • Reducing Blood Pressure
  • Reducing Stress - which is often linked to past or future trauma's that give off a lot of pain
  • It elevates your mood - giving you a more radiant glow, while also activating serotonin hormones around your body
  • Smiling can also make you look younger - due to the lifting of your muscle in your face, tightening them up and giving you a more youthful glow.


Forgiveness is another tool that is used to help live in the present and become more mindful. Whether that is forgiving yourself or someone else. Understanding that forgiving is usually the biggest step of all, is a useful thought to consider as it can often cause an emotional response to your healing journey. 



Worrying goes hand-in-hand with forgiveness, rather, however, lack of worrying. As a direct result of this, worrying about the correct things can help navigate a happier, healthier lifestyle in ones journey, rather than attracting a more stressful, busy lifestyle that is promoted in Hollywood and on magazine covers etc. Mark Manson in the book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***" (linked here) goes on to explain this extremely efficiently. 

"You and everyone you know are going to be dead soon. And in the short amount of time between here and there, you have a limited amount of f**ks to give. Very few, in fact. And if you go around giving a f**k about everything and everyone without conscious thought or choice—well, then you’re going to get f**ked."


Living in the present means exactly that. To help achieve this, we also need to kick-to-the-curb-side addictions to things like social media*, Alcohol*, Drugs* and even laziness. All of these things, while they may make us feel good in the present, also inhibit the level of consciousness that we may be able to achieve. After all, in this life, we can only live moment to moment, so why not make it a good one.


*Please note, we are not giving out any medical advice. If you need help with any addictions or health advice, please contact your local GP or Doctor

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