Are candles bad for your health?

Vegan Candles


An important question we see around the internet is 'Are candles bad for your health?' 

This question remains quite uncertain in terms of an answer from many places around the web, so here at Lilac & Co, we're going to put your mind at ease. 

The short answer is no, candles are not bad for your health, at least ours aren't anyway!



We use natural, vegan ingredients when crafting our high-quality, luxury candles. To put it simply, there's no nasties.

Our ingredients are also 100% cruelty free, never being tested on animals. We stand by this in our core values of being raw, honest and real. We are not only transparent with our customers, but we are transparent in what we sell, so your mind can be at ease and you can relax knowing that we have your back. 




When crafting new products, we always test them on ourselves first. We never want to put up a product that we find will either be damaging to your health, or your animals health.

We also know that many people are asking the question: 'are candles bad for my dog?' or 'are candles bad for my cat?'



Again, the short answer is no, they aren't bad for any of your pets. In all cases (as with anything with a flame), we remind you to keep your candles on a high surface away from both children and animals. However, just as the candles are non-toxic to humans, they are also non-toxic to animals. Our vegan, luxurious candles are both good for humans and animals, and nothing we put in them will ever harm them!


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